Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With mothers day fast approaching I'm sure you're all desperately raking your brains for gift ideas. I know I'm always in a mad rampage through the shops if I don't plan early.
To help you out I have come up with a list of possible gift ideas. 

The first three ideas are homemade gifts that cost little to nothing.
1. Homemade Face Mask
Everyone loves a face mask and making your own is a more affordable way of spoiling your mother. 
Below is a recipe for a face mask that hydrates your skin and evens skin tones. It has been generously donated to me by my friend Hanna; and has been tried and tested by her as well.

Just mix together roughly 1Tbs of yogurt or sour cream, a spoonful of honey and juice from about a 1/4 of a lemon in a bowl. 

It's a bit of a guessing process so you can just add extra quantities of the ingredients until it is your desired consistency. Then put it in a pretty pot and tie it up with a ribbon.

2. Cleaning Tokens
This one is for the younger audience and does sound a little silly, but I remember when I was younger and had no money asking my mum what she wanted for mothers day. She would always say for me that I could do cleaning for her. So one year I made her a card with with five tokens on it entitling her to an hour worth of cleaning each. She seemed to like it! This can also be changed to cooking or other household chores.

3. Photo/Drawing
This is another one my mother asked me for when I was younger. However it is also good for older audiences as well as younger ones. If you are a bit of an arty person then make your mum a drawing, painting or photograph. Frame it nicely and there you have another affordable gift.

The next three ideas are gifts that you can purchase for an affordable price.

1. Scented Candle

A scented candle is a really cute gift that anyone can appreciate. You could buy any brand you like but here is one that I have and really love: 
This is one of the cheaper candles of the brand and comes in four other scents: Marshmallow, Belladonna, Snow Gardenia and Blood Orange.
It smells absolutely delicious! You can buy it online for $14.95AUD. They come in really cute little coloured porcelain cups with a gold trim and would be a perfect gift for your mother.

2. Moisturizer
There are plenty of lower end body lotions that are affordable but are still really nice.
Once of my preferences is the 
I use it on my legs after I shower and it is really moisturizing and smell delicious! It comes in a massive bottle [621ml] for only $13.49NZD

3. Chocolates
This is one you can use either to bulk up a present or as a gift in itself. You could buy some just plain Cadburys favourites or go for something slightly more expensive. Maybe if she's from overseas you could get some yummy treats that she enjoyed from home, online.

The final three gift ideas are more pricey ideas for those of you who have a little more cash to spend.

1. Perfume

Perfumes are not cheap, but every mum loves them! My mum's favourite it "Cinema by YSL". This can be a tricky one because you never know what your mums preference is, I suggest finding a way to subtly ask.

2. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

A face washing set is something every girl loves. I suggest the Clinique 3-step set. I have this one myself and I love it. I also happen to know that it is a favourite of my mums. 

3. Spa
Finally, there  is always the classic. Treat your mum to a day out at a beauty spa. Massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, the whole deal!

So that is my advice, I hope it helps you out and you end up finding the perfect gift you your mum xx

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  1. I love the Mor range, they're so pretty and smell delicious! Great ideas for homemade gifts, my mama always loves a homemade gift, it's the thought that counts right! :)