Sunday, 2 December 2012

Schwarzkopf Taft Anti-Frizz Lotion Review

I have been in search of a good, and affordable, product to take the frizz out of my hair for a while. I purchased the 'Schwarzkopf taft smooth operartor anti-frizz lotion', with UV protection, from Countdown (supermarket) for NZ$7.99 [200ml]. I rub a small dollop of the lotion in my hands, and then rub through my towel dried hair.  I preferred washing my hair in the evening and then sleeping with my wet hair because I found when I woke up my hair would be very wavy and tousled. It feels very weightless, however I found that the first time I used it I put too much on and it made my hair feel greasy. So I advice putting a little on at a time until you decide how much is the right amount for your hair. I do LOVE the smell. It has a very strong, fruity smell, and it left my hair smelling delicious until I washed it again. It left my hair very soft and did take away some frizz, leaving me with distinguishable waves. Although I have no major complaints with the 'Schwarzkopf anti-frizz lotion' in particular, I think I will still have a look around some more products to see if there is anything that works better for my hair.

Monday, 26 November 2012

D&A Fashion Show


Today was an eventful day.
Me and my two friends did catwalk modeling for the Design and Art College here in New Zealand. The hair was amazing, the makeup was amazing, the clothes were amazing, and it was just an overall great experience. I have been asked to do some modeling for a makeup artist there too. So hopefully, if all goes to plan, I will be posting some photo's soon.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Essie: California Coral Review


*Please note that the colour of the polish has not been edited in these swatches.*

The Essie "California Coral" [15ml], is one of my favorite nail polishes simply because I LOVE the colour. It is a very bright, peachy pink. I purchased this a while ago so I am not quite sure the price, however on the Essie website they generally sell for US$8. I apply two thin coats half an hour before I go to bed and then apply a third coat in the morning. This gives it a really bold, opaque finish. But feel free to apply it whenever, I would just recommend waiting half an hour before you apply the third coat. I also applied BYS top coat.
I don't have a lot of Essie polishes, for no reason in particular, but after trying this one I will definitely be getting some more soon (so keep an eye out for some more reviews :D ). It is quite runny, so it's nice and easy to apply, and it last me 4-5 days without any major chipping, this is with the top coat. I have quite short nails and I find that the bold colour makes them looker nicer and longer. So high recommendations from me!