Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lady in Red vs Dot

Diamond Collection 'Lady in Red' vs Marc Jacobs 'Dot'
The other day I was browsing through the beauty products isle at Postie when I came across a range of imitation perfumes of more high end products. Of course they were a considerable amount cheaper so I was curious to see how they compared.
I went for the 'Lady in Red' which is described as being "our version of DOT, Marc Jacobs eau de parfum" I don't personally own the Dot perfume but my friend Hanna does and I absolutely love it! It has just been the price tag that has been making me hesitate on the purchase.

Obviously the price of the Lady in Red is a lot friendlier. At $10NZD it is a good deal cheaper than the Dot's price of $134NZD. This is for a 100ml bottle. 

As far as packaging goes, they are very similar. The Marc Jacobs box is definitely more fancy and posh looking but not by much. Both boxes have polka dots, butterflies, matching colour schemes and general layout. The Dot bottle is way nicer in my opinion. Both bottles are made of glass, however the Lady in Red lid is made of plastic and just a very basic butterfly, and the Dot lid is an elaborate glass design.

So overall the packaging for the Dot, Marc Jacobs is nicer than the Lady in Red, but they are still very similar.

Now the most important factor, smell!

The two smells are quite different, and I can only rate them based on my preference.
Dot, by Marc Jacobs, has a very fruity smell. It's fresh, summery and young.
Lady in Red, by Diamond Collection, is a more mature smell. It's quite a subtle, and elegant.
Both are really nice, however I do prefer the Dot here too. Saying this I don't think I would pay the extra money for it. At the end of the day I would but Lady in Red over Dot because the price is more attractive and it does still smell really nice.

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