Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beauty Formulas Apricot Peel Off Facial Mask Review

My younger sister originally bought the cucumber face mask by Beauty Formulas for my mum for mothers day. I was drawn to the Apricot one simply because it is a peel off one and is meant to clear pores. That and the cheap price!

At $6NZD [100ml], it is meant to clear clogged pores of dirt and impurities for a deep down cleansing, and restore the skins radiance and glow. I have a problems with getting blackheads around my nose so I have been tempted for a while now to try out a face mask, in the hopes that it will help clear out the pores in my nose. It is meant for all skin types, I 
have combination skin myself.

The tube was very easy to use and the product smells reasonably strong of artificial apricots, but when on my face I think the smell wasn't noticeable at all. I applied a reasonably thick layer all over my face. It is clear and quite sticky when you apply it but does spread easily. I found that when it starts to dry my face felt quite pinched and wasn't too comfortable, you do kind of get used to it though. 

Here is a photo of the face mask on. Not much to see, just a shiny face.

The bottle suggested leaving it on my 20-30 minutes, I left it on for about 40. It was a bit hard grasping the edges of the mask to peel it off, that could be because I have quite short nail, but once you has the edge it peeled off reasonably easily. It was a little sore to peel off round the sides of my face but apart from that painless. 

Once it was off I rinsed my face with cold water to close the open pores on my face and my skin was left feeling really soft. The blackheads on my nose were not completely gone but definitely reduced.

Overall I am pretty happy with this product. For a product of this price it has worked really well. The only major down fall for me would be the slight pain peeling it off around the sides of my face, but that was very minimal.


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    1. Haha. It's a head band thing to keep my fringe off my face :)

    2. hehe, i know, i know- just teasing ;) :*

  2. i have the olive one for this. got it at Postie for 6NZD too. didn't see the apricot one though. probably sold out.