Sunday, 2 December 2012

Schwarzkopf Taft Anti-Frizz Lotion Review

I have been in search of a good, and affordable, product to take the frizz out of my hair for a while. I purchased the 'Schwarzkopf taft smooth operartor anti-frizz lotion', with UV protection, from Countdown (supermarket) for NZ$7.99 [200ml]. I rub a small dollop of the lotion in my hands, and then rub through my towel dried hair.  I preferred washing my hair in the evening and then sleeping with my wet hair because I found when I woke up my hair would be very wavy and tousled. It feels very weightless, however I found that the first time I used it I put too much on and it made my hair feel greasy. So I advice putting a little on at a time until you decide how much is the right amount for your hair. I do LOVE the smell. It has a very strong, fruity smell, and it left my hair smelling delicious until I washed it again. It left my hair very soft and did take away some frizz, leaving me with distinguishable waves. Although I have no major complaints with the 'Schwarzkopf anti-frizz lotion' in particular, I think I will still have a look around some more products to see if there is anything that works better for my hair.

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