Friday, 5 April 2013

Rimmel Makeup Haul and Review

I won a $250 Rimmel Prize pack from a "Rimmel London Model Search" that a participated in so I thought I would share with you the goods :)
It arrived in the super cute makeup bag. Since I am a bit of a Union Jack addict at the moment this was a big win in my books.

Shade #10 Rossetto
It is a pinky red shade and very pigmented. I found that applying two coats gave a very strong colour. I personally am not a big fan of the colour because the red is too pink, I prefer a deeper red. I have only worn this once when i was testing it but as far as I could tell it was reasonably long lasting and had only come of a little on the inside of my mouth after dinner.
Shade #640 All Day Seduction
It is quite a natural colour with a coral pink pigmentation. I really like this gloss and colour, for me it lasted roughly 4 hours before it came off after eating. It is really pigmented. I really like the applicator, it is easy to use and good for getting into small areas. It is not tacky at all.
Shade #301 Addictive
This is a magenta sort of pink. It is very glossy and pigmented. Again, I am not a big fan of this colour, but that is just me. For me I find that the applicator is too large so it makes it a tad messier to apply, however some people may like this since it is faster. It is not tacky at all.

Shade #010 Ivory
Very good under-eye concealer and highlighter. True to its word, I found that it does adapt to my skin tone. I'm not a fan of the applicator. I find that the brush wastes product and I prefer blending with my finger. I apply four generous blobs under my eye and dab it in with my finger. Although I do not have very dark circles under my eyes, this did effectively remove them. I also liked how it did not over highlight my eyes and looked really natural. Hide The Blemish Concealer [4.5g]
Shade #001 Ivory
This is a fairly average product in my opinion. I bought it in shade ivory and I found that it was too pale for my skin. I haven't tried it as an under eye concealer but when I try applying it under my foundation it just rubs off and doesn't conceal my blemishes. Luckily I have fairly good skin so when I do apply it lightly over my foundation it does an okay job. On the plus side I love the easy application. It comes in lipstick like packaging and it nice and easy to apply.

Shade #100 Ivory
Unfortunately I didn't get the right shade for my skin. In the bottle it has too much of a yellow undertone for me as I have more of a pink undertone. However I apply it lightly over cleansed and moisturized skin and it blends in really well. I would not suggest it for people who have a lot of acne because it's got a light to medium coverage. It makes your face look really fresh and is only slightly dewy. I prefer this because I don't like really dewy skin as I think it makes you look oily.It feels really light on your skin and is an overall good product.BB Cream [30ml]
Shade Light
I have tried this shade in both medium and light and I do find that these shades are quite dark, so I wouldn't imagine it suiting someone with incredibly pale skin. However for me the shade 'light' matches my skin perfectly. I really like this product. I apply it to clean and unmoisturized skin and it spreads nice and evenly. I do not have oily or dry skin and I find that this motorizes it nicely without making my skin look oily. It lasted all day and I think it made my skin look very flawless. I still use concealer over any major blemishes.

Shade #001 Light
This blusher has three shades in the one pallet. A really pale corral salmon pink, a brown pink and a red corral pink. I found that this was not very pigmented. For me I liked that as I can apply a few layers and get a very subtle natural flush, however it got annoying when I wanted a stronger colour and this just wasn't pigmented enough. I found that it was really annoying, if you wanted to use just one of the colours, to get only that on your brush as each colour is fairly small. However it is good if you want to blend all the colours onto the one brush. I also found that the packaging is quite flimsy.

Shade #001 Smokey Noir
To be honest I don't really wear eyeshadow so I don't have a lot to compare this to. It has four colours a pale silvery grey, dark silvery grey, dark grey and black. All four colours are very shimmery and blend well. It's quite pigmented but I would give it a couple of coats to get a really strong colour. I don't like the applicator sponge at all so I would recommend using your own brush. I used the Mac 224.Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner [1.2g]
Shade #001 Black
I love, love, love this product. This surprised me a lot as I am not a fan of pencil eyeliners. I found this really creamy, smooth and easy to apply. It looks neat even if you do a rubbish job and is super pigmented. It doesn't smudge, is waterproof, and although I don't usually wear black in my waterline I did test it and it stayed in the waterline for quite a long time. Will definitely get this again.

Shade #170 Lively Lilac
This nails polish is really opaque and fast drying. It is a very pretty lilac colour, very similar to the picture. It has a slight grey undertone and I think it compliments my skin tone nicely. I applied two coats and it looked nice, smooth and was easy to apply. It lasted me 3-4 days without any major chipping.

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